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Raised learning the value of service, DJ Kopec always considers how he can best serve his clients and their guests, to meet their specific event needs and to bring happiness to all attendees. When the COVID-19 pandemic reached the East Coast of the United States, he stumbled upon an opportunity to serve and spread joy to groups larger than those that would fill any stadium he might play. 

A spur of the moment basement dance party, which he streamed on facebook live to share with a few friends and family during the first week of COVID-19 quarantine went viral, reaching more than 30,000 homes! Energized by the crowd of new friends, DJ Kopec jammed for a few hours the following night, inviting small tips to help him cover the cost of new equipment for online streaming. He was floored when listeners contributed thousands of dollars, and used the money to buy pizza for his county’s first responders.

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His story spread quickly and in the first 19 days of spinning, streaming, and giving, DJ Kopec and the newly-minted “DJ Kopec Fam” had catalyzed donations of 30,000 breakfast sandwiches and 25,000 chocolate bars for healthcare workers, 60,000 pounds of chicken to be distributed through food banks, and more! A year into the DJ Kopec Fam’s efforts, more than $2 Million worth of goods and cash donations have been spread across 17 nonprofits and have benefitted more than 100,000 people in the midst of our world’s shared crisis. 

DJ Chris Kopec

Of the new philanthropic element of his career and the millions of people tuning in to support it, DJ Kopec says, “Engaging with the community in this way has added new purpose to my career as a DJ after twenty years of spinning. The DJ Kopec Fam has shown the power that many people have when each chips in a little bit. I'm so proud of the amazing things we accomplished together through COVID, and am excited to keep giving back in new ways.” Today with Hoday & Jenna, CNN’s Newsroom, and even the inauguration night special Celebrating America highlighted his efforts. DJ Kopec was honored by Maryland’s Association of Fundraising Professionals, the Baltimore Ravens, United Way of Central Maryland, and Maryland Governor Larry Hogan.

Check out full coverage of the DJ Kopec Fam’s efforts on the Press Page, and join the DJ Kopec Fam to stay tuned for future philanthropic events!

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