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Quarantine Dance Parties & the DJ Kopec Fam:

The Heartbeat of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Raised learning the value of service, DJ Kopec always considers how he can best serve his clients and their guests, to meet their specific event needs and to bring happiness to all attendees. When the COVID-19 pandemic reached the East Coast of the United States, he stumbled upon an opportunity to serve and spread joy to groups larger than those that would fill any stadium he might play.

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From March 2020 to March 2021, DJ Kopec inspired…

$2 Million +

Raised for various charities

3,000 to 100,000

Facebook followers in one year!

15 million

Minutes of Quarantine Dance Party streaming

The Journey

DJ Chris KopecDJ Chris KopecDJ Chris Kopec
Always Listening

As far back as he can remember, Chris Kopec listened faithfully to Casey Kasem counting down the hits. Walkman in tow, he learned what he loved while mowing lawns and jogging around his hometown of Hershey, PA. At middle school dances, he’d position himself not on the girls’ side or the boys’ side, but alongside the DJ booth manned by two high schoolers who taught him how to mix and spin. When they graduated, Chris inherited the makeshift turntables and DJ Kopec was on his way.

Passions for Service, Community, and Pizza

Even in his early days, DJ Kopec recognized the power of music to bring people together. With a pocketful of cash earned at the dance, he’d treat his friends to late-night pies at Mr. Sorrento’s Pizza, and feed the jukebox to keep the music coming. A young volunteer firefighter, DJ Kopec extended his service by creating memorable holiday parties and retirement celebrations for local police and first responders. Older friends and family trusted the teenage DJ with their wedding walk-outs and father-daughter dances.

DJ Chris KopecDJ Chris KopecDJ Chris Kopec
DJ Chris KopecDJ Chris KopecDJ Chris Kopec
The Soundtrack of Sport

While his collegiate running career at Virginia Tech occupied much of his time, DJ Kopec continued spinning through college at Hokie games and Blacksburg bars. Soon after graduating, he had a chance to provide the soundtrack for the Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader tryouts — inspiring him to try out himself the following year, and make the squad! Representing an NFL team and playing and emceeing many more cheer competitions and tryouts helped DJ Kopec polish the professionalism and positivity that epitomize his work.

Taking the Main Stage

Having established himself as a reliable representative of the Ravens, DJ Kopec earned the turntables at Mother’s Purple Patio — one of America’s best sports bars and the place to be pre-game in Baltimore. Called in last-minute to rock a major Under Armour fashion show, DJ Kopec switched out his Nikes for a UA pair and never looked back, going on to play and emcee hundreds of the sportswear giant’s events worldwide. Executives and athletes alike came to expect that if DJ Kopec was spinning, the stage would be set for them to perform at their best!

DJ Chris KopecDJ Chris KopecDJ Chris KopecDJ Chris Kopec
DJ Chris KopecDJ Chris KopecDJ Chris KopecDJ Chris KopecDJ Chris Kopec
Super Bowl and Beyond

What’s a DJ’s equivalent of making it to the Super Bowl? Well, making it to the Super Bowl! In 2013, DJ Kopec traveled to New Orleans with the Ravens and provided an accompaniment to their win, even stepping in to interview former Raven, analyst, and coach Deion Sanders. He was invited back to rock yet another Super Bowl the following year at the iconic Grand Central Station in New York City. Back at home, he’d rock the Baltimore Grand Prix, the Preakness Stakes, and the Baltimore Marathon, injecting a little extra horsepower when racers needed it that year and for many to come.

Baltimore’s Best DJ

DJ Kopec stepped out into the Baltimore social scene and has heightened demand for the city’s hottest tickets for the past decade. He hasn’t missed a year of the Best of Baltimore party since 2012, and jams for crowds of supporters at top charity galas including the Pratt Contemporaries Black & White Party. DJ Kopec blended Baltimore’s signature charm with world-class sophistication at the grand openings of The Pendry and Sagamore Spirit Distillery. In-demand event planners have taken notice and matched DJ Kopec with brides and grooms, corporate executives, and community leaders who want only the best entertainment for their guests and clients.

DJ Chris KopecDJ Chris KopecDJ Chris KopecDJ Chris KopecDJ Chris Kopec
DJ Chris KopecDJ Chris KopecDJ Chris KopecDJ Chris KopecDJ Chris Kopec
Full Circle Community Service

2020 promised to be a banner year for DJ Kopec and it was interrupted for him and the world when COVID-19 struck. He set up to spin in his basement and give his family a bit of comfort and normalcy, and, technology and a captive audience on his side, “went viral” in the most positive way. Millions of people danced away their worries and the DJ Kopec Fam was born. Together, they turned tips into pizza (again!) for first responders, fueled physicians with Hershey’s bars, and ultimately generated more than $2 Million in goods and cash to support people and nonprofits across several state lines.

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